Buckets round

Well-rounded: This all-rounder among plastic containers is leak-proof, food safe and solvent-resistant. For constructionmaterials, chemicals or foodstuffs: each is perfectly suited to its contents. And in the right colour and with the appropriate printed sides it also looks pretty darned good.

Available sizes:

Round buckets with a filling volume of

Bucket round

≤ 1 litre

WOLF PLASTICS small buckets are suitable for food like all other buckets. Highest cleanliness is guaranteed during production.

Bucket round

2 up to 2.6 litres

Small buckets are supplied with intermediate layers in trays. Different lids are available. Waterproof lids, universal lids and sealing lids ensure that your product is properly sealed.

Bucket round

3 up to 4.5 litres

At WOLF PLASTICS, buckets of this volume size are available in 500 ml increments. So you are sure to find your suitable standard product.

Bucket round

5 to 8 litres

Handy container sizes with tamper-evident closure ensure the guaranteed shelf life of the product. There is a choice between plastic or metal hangers.

Bucket round

10 to 12.5 litres

It is important for gastronomy to obtain and store food in suitable sizes. An IML printed bucket provides an attractive look.

Bucket round

16 litres

Two different bucket sizes are available for the construction industry. Especially important is the lifting of loads at the construction site with the metal bracket and handle roller.

Bucket round

18 litres

For a frequently produced volume size, the 18 litre bucket, not only 16 standard colours are available, but also any individually desired colour for the bucket and lid.

Bucket round

20 to 25 litres

Buckets of this size are ordered with different hangers. So the mixer handle is used more and more. The STRONG bucket version is available for particularly heavy goods.

Bucket round

≤ 32 litres

The hobbock is mostly used for powdery solids such as metal powder and dust, but also for viscous materials such as adhesives or melted beeswax, as well as for oils, lubricants and paint materials, e.g. in the automotive industry.

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