Buckets oval

You could say that the WOLF PLASTICS oval bucket is like the egg of Columbus; the single solution for all tasks. Food grade compliant, robust, air-tight and solvent-resistant, it can be used wherever it is needed. It is the favourite of the construction sector but also helps some delicatessens to make a perfect entrance into the market.

Available sizes:

Oval buckets with a filling volume of

Buckets oval

≤ 5,5 litres

Small, handy container size for the specialist shop. At WOLFPLASTICS you can choose from 16 standard colours or the colour of your choice. Seamless IML printing is a matter of course.

Buckets oval

10 to 12 litres

The perfect size of an oval bucket. Optionally equipped with a patented “shaking nose” lid, universal lid, waterproof lid or sealing lid.

Buckets oval

14 to 17 litres

With in-mould labelling, the image can be printed up to the edge of the lid and all around with only a small overlap. Of course, the printed image can be printed up to the lower edge of the lid. Many finishing forms and colours are possible.

Buckets oval

18 litres

The classic under the buckets. For paints and plasters this bucket with vibrating lid is used for special requirements. Special feature: the patented "shaking nose" from WOLPLASTICS.

Buckets oval "Rundeck"

< 20 litres

Its special efficiency is the increased stackability. The statically ingenious trendy shape makes it possible that the innovative container can now be stacked in unbelievable four layers on top of each other.

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