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Lifting the Lid.


Grey Bucket – green future!

WOLF PLASTICS has been enthusiastic for a long time about the fact that the rebirth of plastic is the future and that the grey buckets give you a white vest.

Simply very well organised

The example of WOLF PLASTICS shows how a new organizational structure increases the scope for action, simplifies processes and shortens decision-making paths, and what the customer benefits from this.

Leading the pack

Monika Thonauer-Stergar, Group Marketing at WOLF PLASTICS, finds it really “gripping” to be creative at the interface between desires and wish fulfillment and to achieve measurable effects.

About us

Origin is important to us.

WOLF PLASTICS was established in 1973 in Kammern, in Styria, Austria as a family enterprise. 1990: The injection   moulding is being developed and the hollow container blow-moulding techniques are added, following the expantion and automatisation of the machinery. 1992: Opening of the plant in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary. 2004: Opening of the plant in Bucharest, Romania

At present the company comprises of three independent production facilities in Austria, Hungary, and Romania with a total of 230 competent employees. And it is still an independent family enterprise belonging to no international group.


Happy customers.

“The large variety of products is the reason why Wolf Plastics is our main supplier.“

Dominik Pötinger, engineer

Technics/Purchasing/Production, EUROLLUBRICANTS Tribiologie

“We don’t have to mention quality – that’s top!“

Erich Schmidinger

Purchasing Manager, Vialit

“We are very content indeed with the cooperation.“

Christian Großauer

Purchasing Manager, Nufarm GmbH & Co KG

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