Safely packaged at 
10,000 metres.

Jänner, 2017

Pigment pastes:
WOLF PLASTICS keeps them sealed

A highly specialised international chemical company was looking for a new, extremely leakproof container for its pigment pastes. WOLF PLASTICS saw this as an exciting task and quickly began to work on developing a solution – with plenty of commitment and great success.


Pigment pastes are only part of the products made by the chemical company, which operates all over the world. They are a particularly delicate part, however. The pigments are used to colour paints, emulsions and plastics. Pigment pastes are difficult to store and transport because of their special properties: They are high-density, heavy and runny. Any enterprise wanting to pour such pastes into containers and deliver them to its customers across the globe needs containers that fulfill the highest demands.

The chemical company was now looking for a new, even better option to meet these needs, and WOLF PLASTICS saw that as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate its technical knowledge and willingness to research.

Around the world in round (not oval) buckets

The high relative density of pigment pastes had already presented the containers used previously with some major challenges. For a long time, the chemical company used large plastic containers with a capacity of 30 litres. The first instruction given to WOLF PLASTICS was to produce a smaller container. The new bucket was to hold a maximum of 25 kilograms, as customers of the chemical company had requested a smaller container to prevent surplus pigment from building up.

There were also instructions to create a container that would not leak and could be stacked. The bottom bucket had to be able to support the weight of three full buckets stacked on top of it without any problems.

So WOLF PLASTICS began its research and development work for the project based on this information. At first, it considered using an oval container. However, for logistical reasons, it then opted for a round container in order to take the chemical company’s high level of export activity into account. Transporting the filled buckets by ship or lorry was not perceived as a significant challenge – but transporting them as air cargo was a different story: How would they react to the pressure created inside an aircraft at an altitude of 10,000 metres?

Because the chemical company enjoyed working with WOLF PLASTICS so much, it decided to hire the specialists to work on a new project: a container that is 100% leakproof.

Tests, tests and more tests

To start with, WOLF PLASTICS produced a number of test models that were made from various raw materials and examined by an external testing institute. Drop tests were performed and involved a full bucket being turned sideways and dropped from a height of 80 centimetres again and again. In order to pass the test, the lid had to stay on when the bucket hit the ground. A series of tests in a cabinet heated to 60 degrees were also carried out to examine changes in the container’s material when it is subjected to severe temperature fluctuations.

The high density of the pigment paste allowed the development department to reinforce the lid first and then replace the standard handle with a stronger metal version as well. The test for this step was relatively simple: Hang a full bucket up and wait to see if the lid and plastic stay in place.

The bucket passed this test too. The container therefore became even more stable and reliable, meaning it fulfilled all the requirements that had to be satisfied if it was to cope with being transported and the density of the material it was going to be carrying.

The shaking test was also exciting. Colour pigments do not allow the leeway between certain tolerance limits that is permitted by other materials. Any tiny gap between the lid and the bucket would lead to a colourful mess. So the bucket was shaken vigorously in all directions to really make sure that none of the very runny material would leak out.

The Austrian WOLF PLASTICS plant in Kammern is always open to going in a completely new direction. Realising common visions with customers is a special passion here, and it is that that makes the company’s high product-quality standards possible. 

The tests first took place at the plant in Kammern and then at an independent institute with the customer present. The testing continued until all three parties were sure that the lid would hold. With this accomplished, WOLF PLASTICS was awarded a contract for production of the new container. The intense focus on meeting the requirements, the in-house tests and the extensive product development experience made the project a success.

All this impressed the chemical company too, and because it enjoyed working with WOLF PLASTICS so much, it decided to hire the specialists to work on a new project: a container that is 100% leakproof. This is WOLF PLASTICS’ next challenge and it will be both exciting and PACKEND (absorbing).


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