Leading the pack
Thomas Löffelmann, Group Controller

My job has a lot to do with masses of data. The nice thing about it is being able to play with this data, bring it together and support processes with it. This really is a packed programme for me. Also because it involves a huge amount of thinking. You have to work very closely with the individual departments to understand the background of the data. So you are able to reduce the flood of data which is generated to the key points. I always find it astonishing to see what it is possible to do today. That digital data can tell you so much. But a good concept is crucial for this. Each department has its own ideas and records its data. It is essential to add certain parameters to them so I can link them internally. It all boils down to business intelligence. Our world is becoming faster and faster, whether it is in private life or at work, where we see it in both production and sales. We are confronted with vast amounts of information wherever we look. And this is why it is increasingly important to have a filter. This has become indispensable.

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