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WOLF PLASTICS was established in 1973 in Kammern, in Styria, Austria as a family enterprise. 1990: The injection moulding is being developed and the hollow container blow-moulding techniques are added, following the extention and automatisation of the machinery. 1992: Opening of the plant in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary. 2004: Opening of the plant in Bucharest, Romania.

At present the company comprises of three independent production facilities in Austria, Hungary, and Romania with a total of 230 competent employees. And it is still an independent family enterprise belonging to no international group. Due to the decentralized organisation, with only a small headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Wolf Plastics has become a leader on the plastic packaging market in Central and South-Eastern Europe. We represent classic European values like quality consciousness, future orientation, absolute reliability.

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Our employees.

WOLF PASTICS employees are an important factor for the succesfull company.

We strongly emphasise the training of our 250 employees, and first of all of our apprentices. The dual education system is being applied here: vocational school and on-the-job training, used successfully also in Hungary and Romania.

Our History.

WOLF PLASTICS has developed, over more than 40 years, from a Styrian family company into a leader of the plastic packaging market in Central and Eastern-Europe. The first Austrian production location was followed by the ones in Hungary and Romania.

  1. 1973Founded in Kammern, Austria
  2. 1990The injection moulding procedure is being established
  3. 1990Extension and automathisation of the production machinery
  4. 1990Introducing the hollow container blow-moulding techniques
  5. 1992Opening of the plant in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary
  6. 2004Opening of the plant in Bucharest, Romania
  7. 2010The plant in Kammern is awarded the Prize of the Federal Ministry for Environment ond Economy for climate protection
  8. 2014Switching to automatization and robot technology

Our Mission/Vision.

WOLF PLASTICS is first supplier for the small and medium sized business sector. By linking product and service we are trouble shooters for large international enterprises.

We are always open for new markets and keep evaluating their potential for our products and services. We improve with our clients’ requirements. Our product development is always in line with a resposible ecologic use of resources.

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