The stacking canister – durability is in demand

5 litres

Whether it’s the construction, chemical or food industry – it can be used in any situation that calls for durability and reliability. In this sector it comes in high quality either standardised or individually shaped for special contents.

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    All WOLF PLASTICS canisters are of the highest quality and each one has something that differentiates it from the other models. In other words, WOLF PLASTICS products are the perfect containers for all your contents. Putting it another way, the canisters are suitable for all liquid contents. The various models all have their respective ideal dimensions and the best type of outlet. Obviously, the needs and wishes of customers are taken into account.

    The canister – the ideal partner

  • Colour diversity
  • Automatic labelling
  • Always secure
  • Durable and tough
  • Individual wishes

  • Colour diversity

    WOLF PLASTICS canisters are finished in a colour that best suits them. It all depends on what the brand or company requires. The possibilities are endless – in other words, all wishes will be fulfilled.

    Automatic labelling

    Every canister does, nevertheless, need a label. WOLF PLASTICS canisters are labelled all around the entire container. Incidentally, this extremely good print quality brings unique results and, apart from that, ensures a perfect visual appearance.

    Always secure

    Regarding clasps on canisters, there are, obviously, different options to choose from, according to your needs. The various clasps available include, for example, the grid screw-on connection, the valve canister with an anti-glug system or the bellows spout. What definitely always matters: It must always be the tight-fitting tamper-evident clasp.

    Durable and tough

    Furthermore, it can be said that whether it is in the construction, chemical or foodstuffs industries, the stacking canister is in use everywhere, where durability and reliability are required. In such fields it is, additionally, of high-quality and standardised or, in contrast, individually designed for special contents.

    Individual wishes

    Naturally, what ultimately is of most importance is the result: It must be just right. It must exceed all wishes and expectations. In other words: WOLF PLASTICS offer the entire range of readily available, standard products and containers that are tailored to specific needs, customised so to speak. The best communal solution for all containers is high quality.