IML or: „I am the most

beautiful in this land“

I can be whatever you want me to. I am your store sign.
Because the first impression counts. We decide in the tenth of a second if we like what we see. And I can offer you exactly what you always wanted for your product. I use all possibilities to show my inner and outer values. And the magic words which make all this possible are: IML. And my inner values become visible on the outside.

In-Mould-Labeling or: how I get to be one with my design.
My label (polypropylen), which can feature all colours, is being placed inside my mould. The label melts into me and makes me state-of-the-art. My production and design happen at the same time. I am inseparable from my design – and your most beautiful store sign.

Whether round or oval, I am seamlessly perfect, I am simply high class.
Everything is perfect with me, nothing is left to chance. My design in the IML procedure is as brilliant as my print quality. There is no imprecision, whether the label is partial or all-around.

With IML I am a star:

  • Best print quality with up to eight colours
  • Everlasting, non-peelabel
  • Hygienic
  • Environment-friendly

Versatile and efective look-and-feel options, from silky or even fragrant to electronic high-tech branding.

Look – and feel!

By choosing the print transparency you let me show my inner and outer values:

  • Haptic revelation by velvety, smooth or raugh surfaces
  • Special looks with matte or shiny labels
  • The non-label-look, if it’s supposed too look all pure
  • For the intensive first impression – the all-surface colouring
  • Peelable with more information on the back, so that I can tell more about myself
  • Digital watermark, for I am as innovative as nobody else.

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