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The vision of WOLF PLASTICS includes of course respecting and promoting generally accepted social values.

Maximal Recycling:

Our waste-to-energy procedure is ideal. The raw material is being turned by chemical and technical processing into packaging products.

These are turned later into the initial product, generating energy. So what we have is a closed circuit.

Reduction of Energy:

The reduction of our energy needs is an essential strategic goal. Targeted investments and technological optimization help us reduce permanently our energy consumption. In Kammern, part of the energy is delivered by hydropower.

Our energy efficiency measures have won us a prize from the Austrian Ministry of the Environment.

Resource Optimization:

WOLF PLASTICS is continually optimizing its use of raw materials by improving its production techniques and products.

CO2 Reduction:

Reducing the use of compressed air, first in Kammern, by ten percent, meant a reduction by 79 tons of the CO2 emission over a period of five years.

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