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Wolf Plastics

I am THE versatile plastic packaging and I am made by an excellent company. To be more precise: the family-run business Wolf Plastics, which was founded in 1973 in Kammern, Styria.

My family consists of the injection moulding and hollow body range and boasts inner values as well as an attractive appearance (see for yourself).

Unbelievably good:

We are the market leader.

A total of 250 of the most highly qualified employees are involved in developing, producing and delivering me and other products like me. Our company now also has subsidiaries in Romania and Hungary, and I can state in all modesty that: We are the market leader in plastic packaging in Central and Southeast Europe.

Service included:

Our expertise.

Our customers, mainly from the construction materials, chemical and food industries, are impressed by the expertise of our employees time after time. As expert packaging consultants, they play a major role in the success of extremely complex production processes.

Oliver Baumgärtel, Key Account & Product Manager

New technology amazes me.

I find the possibilities at Wolf Plastics wonderful. Again and again, I am impressed by how I can just dive in and get creative. For instance in-mould labelling (IML). This technology is basically limitless in terms of decoration of plastics. This allows you to play around with graphics and pictures.

Cristina Totolici, Logistics Manager

Thrilling: Every day brings a new challenge!

I started out in a small factory with five or six machines and we now have thirteen machines. What’s not to like? It’s just great! We take on new challenges every day and tackle them successfully. And something that I will never forget is how the robot system was delivered. That was very impressive. I was particularly pleased because, as an engineer, I understand what I see there.


We provide support but also challenge our staff at the same time.

Our employees grow with their challenges. They are required to act independently and on their own responsibility on a daily basis. Our Management gives them the security they require to do this and show us employees respect and appreciation. Continuous further training and performance-based remuneration also motivate our employees to perform highly.

Georg Hirsch, Managing Partner

Employees are the most important factor.

For me, the interaction with employees is one of the most exciting things about my job. As in every company, they are the most important factor at Wolf Plastics. Machines are interchangeable; all that takes is a financial investment. But operating machines in a way that makes full use of all the technical possibilities is only possible with independent, astute employees.That’s why I consider mutual trust and appreciation, and everyone being on an equal footing, to be essential.

Orsolya Balogh, Finance Manager

Working together as a team, we quickly find a solution that we are all happy with.

On the one hand, we continuously optimise processes. On the other, cooperation is very important to us. In our opinion, process optimisation is about more than just optimising financial factors. For us, working together successfully in a team is also important. This is the only way we can succeed in quickly finding a solution that we are all happy with each and every time.

All of us:

Gripped by ambition.

Many of our employees have been with us for a very long time – for us, continuously developing as a person is as important as continuously developing products.The plastic industry is seen as the market of the future, in which it will be possible to introduce new ideas time and again.

Monika Thonauer, Group Marketing

No day at work is the same as another.

Communication with all departments at WOLF PLASTICS is as natural as dialogue with external partners. I discuss what kind of support is needed and give back what can be done by marketing. Working at this interface between desires and wish fulfillment is both fascinating and fulfilling. Fascinating because it has to do with creativity. And fulfilling, because creativity is used purposefully.

Olguta Balacescu, Quality Management

What excites me? The future prospects!

Experiencing the continuous development of a company at first hand is not only exciting, it has also had an impact on my own personal development. When you take so many steps together, that also influences your daily life. I have fun developing new things every day. And when I look back on how far we have already come with our development, the future prospects really excite me.

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