May, 2017

Almost a barrel


Stable, voluminous; conform with food standards. The Hobbock by WOLF PLASTICS is a packaging- and transport solution in one – and sometimes even a little bit more.

Available in light and heavy variants with a maximal volume of 30 litres: barrel-like round buckets in this size are also referred to as Hobbock. No-one is quite sure whether this term is based upon an English company called Hubbuck or refers to a metal container from the US town of Hoboken. What is clear, is that with its side grip-groves, this highly stable container is of first rate service especially in its plastic guise. In the building materials market, in the chemicals industry, in the food industry: Hobbocks by WOLF PLASTICS are proven as ideal packaging solutions. Bitumen and glues, soup stock and marmalade: the models like HK 3001 or HK 3002 are able to be used to package contents that couldn’t be more different, and still manage to arrive safely at destination.

The heavy type is an especially good choice in transport and logistics. Thanks to the side grips, Hobbocks are easy to carry. Being stackable, they save on space in transport. There is the choice between those with or without lids, depending on the contents. If needed, drain taps can be fitted. In the case of building materials Hobbocks are often used right off for mixing. In this way, the round bucket also becomes a useful piece of equipment. Monika Brager, sales manager at WOLF PLASTICS is in continuous contact with customers, and knows of many more further uses.  It serves as a plant pot for palm trees in the company foyer. At an exhibition, Hobbocks were used as the bases for art objects on display. Another further feature that makes Hobbocks so attractive is that they come in all and any colour beside the standard white. Naturally, with in-mould labelling.

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