Important Downloads.

Wolf Plastics Folder

A description of Wolf Plastics products and services, about the collection of buckets, canisters, and caps, but also about storage, logistics, certification, and awards.

Folder: Buckets

A description of the most popular Wolf Plastics line of products – from food stuffs buckets to the UN-certified ones – and our bucket related services.

Folder: Canisters

A description of the Wolf Plastics product collection – from euro-canisters to packaging canisters, UN-certified and, of course, stackable.

Folder: Wolf Plastics IML

A description of the high quality branding for buckets – whether for food, construction, or chemical materials.

Folder: Buckets for food

All important information about buckets for food – of course with EN ISO 22000: 2005 certification.

Further products:

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