A Big Thing:

A Bucket as a landmark


WOLF PLASTICS is attracting attention – with what is probably the biggest bucket in the world. The container, which weighs well over a tonne, is displayed effectively in Kammern, where it gives people an insight into the company’s special products and services.

“What’s that then?” guests ask in surprise when they drive into the car park of the motorway restaurant in Kammern. The reason for their surprise is a huge upside-down bucket that has been mounted on top of the towers of the WOLF PLASTICS plant, which is situated alongside the A9.


The eye-catcher is a completely accurate, true-to-scale version of a specific plastic bucket that is actually made at WOLF PLASTICS every day. It’s just quite a few times larger. Thanks to its dimensions, it began to have the desired effect as soon as it was put in place. It immediately became a new unmissable landmark along the Pyhrn motorway in the Liesingtal area. It is 14 metres above the ground, weighs a good 1.5 tonnes, has a diameter of 5 metres and is 5.5 metres tall. It was realised by scenographer Markus Windberger, with advertising agency Wahrheit coming up with the idea and concept.

One thing that is invisible to the eye is that, unlike its template, what is probably the world’s biggest bucket is made from welded sheets of metal. Due to its size, it wasn’t put together until it was in position. As the container is not sitting flat on top of the towers but diagonally tipped upside down with an open lid, the structural engineer had to ensure it would be supported by an extremely strong and stable substructure. 500 metres of special shaped tubing and x-shaped angle iron were used altogether.


This meant a great deal of manual and logistical work for the Vienna-based metall+Glas WERKSTATT GmbH. The first reactions to the bucket have proven that its design and realisation are a resounding success. A giant bucket in the countryside brings a smile to road users and raises public awareness of WOLF PLASTICS’ products in an appealing manner.

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