Merry Christmas – WOLF PLASTICS


Leading the pack

“My job has a lot to do with masses of data. The nice thing about it is being able to play with this data, bring it together and support processes with it.” – Thomas Löffelmann, Group Controller

Making benefits appetising

The continuing widespread rise in the use of plastic packaging in the food sector is due to numerous tasty developments which increase the appetite not just at WOLF PLASTICS.

Leading the pack

“I see us currently leading the pack with our brand new packaging container: the 580 ml bucket.” – Mónika Illés, Sales Manager

Our contribution to climate protection

Climate change is the greatest challenge for humanity since the end of the Ice Age. The clear and unanimous vote of all 197 states at the World Climate Conference in Paris makes it clear that there is a man-made climate change, and that we urgently need to limit the average increase in temperature to below 2 degrees.

Maximum attraction

Already standard in the food-industry, and of increasing importance in the building materials industry: in-mould labelling merges plastics packaging and labelling to a single, seamless, effective unit.

Almost a barrel

Stable, voluminous; conform with food standards. The Hobbock by WOLF PLASTICS is a packaging- and transport solution in one – and sometimes even a little bit more.

Leading the pack

“I find the possibilities of the in-mould labelling (IML) wonderful. Again and again, I am impressed by how I can just dive in and get creative.” Oliver Baumgärtel, Key Account & Product Manager

A big thing

WOLF PLASTICS is attracting attention – with what is probably the biggest bucket in the world. The container, which weighs well over a tonne, is displayed effectively in Kammern, where it gives people an insight into the company’s special products and services.

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