The list of products with which our containers can be filled is large:

Acrylic paint Fertiliser Ketchup Pellets Soil
Animal fat Fish Lacquer Plaster Spices
Animal fodder Fruit Liquid handwash Promotional material Stain remover
Apples Giveaways Mayonnaise Protective hand cream Sugar
Bitumen emulsion Glaze Milk Popcorn Tile grout
Car shampoo Glue Milking grease Pudding Water
Cement Grass seeds Mineral oil Putty Water-based paint
Cheese Grease Nuts Salad Washing powder
Chlorine Hazardous goods Oil Salad dressings Weedkiller
Confectionery Honey Olives Salt Yogurt
Construction chemicals Impregnating agents Oranges Sauerkraut  
Cranberries Insulating varnish Seeds ...
Cream cheese Jam   Soap  
Delicatessen     Soft soap